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This beautiful 17th century tapestry needs urgent restoration.

It has an important historical value, of fine Flemish manufacture, represents the triumphant return to Rome of Julius Caesar, following the battle of Brindisi.

The scene represented is very particular, especially if you think that in reality Julius Caesar did not triumph completely, because Pompeo, his opponent in the battle, managed to escape to Durres to reorganize the troops, only to be definitively defeated in North Africa. The quality and rarity of the work is confirmed by the thick and thick frame that decorates it, and by the very light colors used.

Over the years it has never been restored, and the signs of aging, temperature changes, as well as its own weight, begin to be felt.

With this donation you can contribute to its restoration, and be counted in the book that will come out following his in-depth study, the subject of his degree thesis, at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lecce.

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