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A few meters from the structure, there is a bicycle rental agreement. 

It is also possible to go on bike excursions in the company of a local mountain bike guide (also native English speaker) who will take you off the beaten path, along challenging but very rewarding routes to see Lake Bolsena and the whole surrounding area from another prospect.

For the most part the routes are articulated on quiet roads with little traffic with a mixed terrain of gravel, earth and asphalt, trying to avoid main and busy roads.

Bring your bike, or take advantage of our rental service, which is always active. 

You will find the bike for you, always ready and waiting for you. 

Mountain bike
Andare in mountain bike

We have studied for you some of the best mountain bike routes. The rental service is active every day while you can take advantage of our guided excursions, by advance booking, every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. The minimum number of participants to start the visit is 10 people and the cost is €15 per person.

TARIFFE                                     MTB BASIC        MTB SUPERIOR             E-BIKE   


HALF DAY                                                        €15                              €25      


FULL DAY (11H)          €15                           €25                              €40     



NEXT                                €10                          €15                              €25   

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