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Mountan Bike or E-Bike rental

Just a few meters from the hotel, there is a discounted bike rental.

It is also possible to make excursions by bike in the company of a local mountain bike guide (also English mother tongue) that will take you off the beaten path, along challenging but very rewarding routes to see the Bolsena lake and the surrounding area from another perspective.

For the most part the routes are articulated on quiet roads with little traffic from the mixed gravel, land and asphalt, trying to avoid main and busy roads.

Bring your bike, or take advantage of our rental service, always active.

You will find the bike for you, always ready to wait for you.

We have designed some of the best mountain bike routes for you. The rental service is active every day while you can take advantage of our guided tours, with advance reservation every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. The minimum number of participants to start the tour is 10 people and the cost is € 15 per person.



RATES                                      MTB BASIC           MTB SUPERIOR          E-BIKE


HALF DAY                                                                           € 15                         € 25


FULL DAY (11H)                           € 15                              € 25                        € 40


X EVERY DAY NEXT                  € 10                              € 15                         € 25

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