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It was born in 2010 as a response to Maurizio Dante's previous life experiences
Filippi, the sommelier and Edi Dottori, the chef, who combine their energies to make
to be born, in a difficult and pleasant place like the small and practically uninhabited
historic center of Baschi (TR) the “Sala della Comitissa – Restaurant with Enoteca”.
The hope of being identified through the product is what leads the do and for
this the attention on the reception and consideration of the guest as well as on the
message of matter, cleanliness and respect in the preparations and treatment of
products, assume a decisive role that stimulates continuous research.
Only materials whose production and origins, craftsmanship and care are known
which allow you to present menus that are constantly changing and articulated on
a proposal for à la carte catering and tasting menus which are the
compendium of the day's activities, both capable of surprising for their exclusivity
of the achievements.
The attention to bread-making that completes a picture where
each element to be presented at the table is made by the expert hands of the staff
of cooking and pastry. Only natural leavening, ancient grain flours and time
necessary to make this passion assume a fundamental role.
After more than two years in which Sala della Comitissa has chosen to operate
dynamically marrying different projects in Umbria and Tuscany during the period
of the pandemic, today the prospect of "returning" to operating in places is being raised
where one's identity is more deeply rooted and is transferred in toto (teaches,
personnel, suppliers, philosophy and ... hopes) in the prestigious Palazzo Vesconte Cozza
Caposavi in Bolsena. Apparently all unchanged but the opportunity leads to a
story of lived experiences. The growth due to a continuous putting in
game, following the directions and expectations of the guests they have accompanied
the "Comitissa" over the years, but also the compendium of commitment, study and
lived experiences, still leads to enthusiasm and the search for improvement on
all that is “Sala della Comitissa”.



Edi Dottori, the chef, originally from the Marches, a "cooking" soul, transports the
delicacy of a certain hand that respects the material. An innate passion since his own
childhood, expresses his creativity through an ever-growing bond with the earth, the
sea, the lake and all that nature offers. It is the cuisine of the Italian tradition that is the
his creed and on which to articulate his creativity.
Maurizio Dante Filippi, the sommelier, Best AIS Sommelier in Italy, leads the direction of a
hospitality whose sole objective is the satisfaction of its guests. A "soul" service
as someone defined it by publishing articles, with careful customization towards the
expectations of each table ... he likes to define his work not in a restaurant with eight tables,
but in eight restaurants in the same room. In absolute synergy with the kitchen, it is well prepared to
tell what he knows by demonstrating it through imaginative, unusual but always effective
proposals for wines, beers, spirits and cocktails in combination with what you have chosen.
Even in this theme, the choice of wines to offer becomes significant, as they are also capable of
demonstrate research, travel and its countless presentations in every place in Italy ed
across the border who often see him travelling. An important list, with many wines, but only by
winemakers, almost all available in tastings by the glass that the same offers in
combination with Edi's creations.
The staff is currently completed by two brigade leaders, a pastry chef and other employees
in the kitchen as well as a close collaborator as manager of the dining room and reception.


Sala della Comitissa – Restaurant
Vicolo San Rocco, 4-6-8-10
01033 Bolsena (VT)
Mobile phone and whatsapp 338.4596086 - 335.8768975 – 347.4283756 – email:
Weekly closing day: Monday
Currently unscheduled annual leave

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