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Cinque secoli di storia a Bolsena

Located in the Piazza of the historical center of Bolsena, 550 meters from the lake, VesConte is a period residence located in the historic Palazzo del '500 of the Counts Cozza Caposavi and has hosted over the centuries several members of the European royal families, two Popes, and among the most important writers and characters of the passing cinema in northern Lazio. The position, on the ancient via francigena and the imperial road Cassia, made Bolsena an obligatory stop for travelers between Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio.Walking along the ancient road that connects Orvieto with the Cassia through the Umbrian countryside you will come across the impressive size of a huge volcanic basin where a wonderful lake surrounded by green hills formed

in the Paleolithic period.

On the northern shore of the lake is the city of Bolsena from which the lake takes its name.

This charming and charming medieval village influenced by Etruscan and then Roman settlements, began to grow in the thirteenth century and remained for over 400 years, an area of ​​strategic and commercial importance.

Palazzo Cozza Caposavi - declared a national monument and part of the Association of Historic Italian Houses - was commissioned by Cardinal Tiberio Crispo in 1561 as a personal residence, but he lived there just a year. In fact, the Bolsenesi - annoyed by his pride - had the cardinal removed from the position of Governor of the Patrimony of St. Peter.

On that occasion the building was divided into two different buildings: the one towards the fortress became Cozza property while the one towards the Medici fountain became Caposavi property.

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